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Huge sucess in Infocomm 2024 Jun 19, 2024

We had a huge sucess in infocomm 2024 which held at Las Vegas Concention center June 12-14.

We broght our newly developed rotating led poster that linked to display together which attracted a lot of attentions.

Our newly develop rental use flexible transparent led display give the customer another choice when selecting the transparent led display. Not only does our display IP65 rated, offers 4500nit brightness, but also it is very easy to splicing into different shape. In our booth, we easily spliced a wave shape screen. which attracts many customer

Our newly develop raptor, also give customer a new concept of building a curve led display. Different from the traditional flexible led display that we need to change the curving angle manually. with our Raptor, we can change the curving angle using electric pluse. which make the angle more precise, and also make the installation process more easy and elegant.

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